MECA’s main service is the training and development of young musicians through music literacy programmes, music composition, practical music study, music literacy (theory), music production (music technology), cultural indigenous music research, traditional music and ensemble work. The ultimate goal is music creation and performance of indigenous, jazz, orchestral and popular music using a variety of instruments. This type of training is aimed at benefitting the whole child, developing his/her co-ordination and communication skills and providing the necessary foundation to succeed in anything the child wishes to do. These objectives are aligned with those of the South African government which seeks to contribute to redress and transformation in the performing arts through youth development programmes, amongst others.

The advancement of technology from analogue to digital has not only globally improved people’s lives on industrial, economical and communication levels but has also changed people’s perspective of how we see things. MECA will use its music computer lab to transform the music performance space into the virtual space through music technology composition software’ for those who are interested in music production and commercial scoring for media production


Long-term objectives are to train future teachers who will be the next ambassadors to plough back to their communities by educating others through the education acquired at MECA. Through partnering with UNISA, MECA intends to create alumni of music education academics through UNISA exams. These alumni of academics will be MECA’s contribution in giving back to the communities. To add to the long-term objectives, MECA intends to start a music library in these communities that will provide study material and instruments for practical purposes to be used by the community.

Music Technology Lab

We teach these lessons on a Saturday every weekend. The lessons are divided into music theory class and ensemble class per student in order to prepare them for possible further undergraduate studies in the music field. The individual one on one lessons with instrumental teachers happen throughout the weekend. The learners who use MECA instruments are not allowed to take the instruments home but they can only practice at the centre facility. Adult classes are offered in the early evenings in all of the above instruments. The school is also working with some of the local indigenous African music practitioners to enhance the music literacy of the learners.

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