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Music Education Centre for the Arts (“MECA”) is a Non-Profit Organisation registered in terms of the Non-Profit Organisation Act 1997. MECA objective strategies are focused on developing musical talent through education in disadvantaged communities that have never been exposed to music literacy before.  As part of its contribution to education development in disadvantaged communities, MECA was conceptualized because of the profound benefits that early music education can have on students, particularly relating to their social, creative and cognitive development. To this day, MECA strives to create opportunities towards a better future for those who have lost hope and helps in the development of skills creation in our country on a large scale.

It is common knowledge that the arts (music, theatre, poetry, visual arts) have provided a major impetus for the political and social changes that South Africa has experienced. The arts have been a mouthpiece for the people and definitive form of expression. Today the arts continue to paint the backdrop for meaningful South African interaction and identity and should be cultivated and nurtured. When conducting preliminary research into early student cognitive development, it was found that the arts have thus far been a major contributor; particularly in music education with benefits such as improved speech, excellent coordination skills, improved social and emotional behaviour, less grade repetition and lower dropout rates as well as higher school completion rates. Unfortunately many primary and secondary schools in disadvantaged communities have never been exposed to any form of musical training and this is where MECA comes in. This has led to MECA’s primary objective in investing time and resources into music education and instrumental teaching projects. The MECA team has passion for the arts, in particular music, and is set on developing a musical teaching programme that will provide students from previously disadvantaged communities with ongoing music instrument teaching.

MECA directors represent diverse sectors of the Arts, the music world, business and education.  MECA is a facilitating body, with specific focus on bringing music education and opportunity to the broader community in the fields of music composition, practical music study, music literacy (theory), music production (music technology), cultural indigenous music research, traditional music  and ensemble work. MECA beneficiaries commit to complete regular progress reports to ensure that funds are optimally utilized. A MECA project contract is signed with project leaders and teachers so that fiduciary responsibility is maintained. The MECA board members meet quarterly.

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